About Ambar

Ambar Januel is a creative marketing and brand strategist with a multi-faceted background including digital marketing, creative direction, project management, and social movement growth. She has worked with a number of creative organizations in the art, fashion, and entertainment industries, tech companies, and nonprofits on developing unique strategies that reach large audiences while utilizing innovative technologies and creative partnerships. 

She is passionate about diversity and inclusion, empowering underrepresented communities, criminal justice reform, women’s rights, and mental health. Her core focus is to build bridges between people and cultures, through content creation, educating, and empowering entrepreneurs.  

Growing up between Mexico and Vermont, Ambar has since lived in Boston (where she went to Massachusetts College of Art & Design), Los Angeles (where she founded an award winning creative agency), and New York City, where she currently resides in Brooklyn.

She is currently the co-founder of NETA, a social justice marketing and branding agency, and the Director of Communications at Good Call NYC. Outside of work, Ambar dances bachata, loves cooking for her friends, and spends time with her nieces and nephew. 

Ambar has spoken at a variety of conferences and events and has been featured in several publications, including Forbes, Travel Tech Con, 7in7, BBC Media, Vanity Fair Digital LA, Honeybook, WeRule, and more. 



❤️From 2018-2019 I decided to take a bit of a bit of a break from pursuing PR opportunities to focus on personal growth. But you can still check out some of my features below!

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