How I Chose to Be Patriotic This 4th of July


It took me a while of consideration to think about what to share for the 4th of July this year. But after a lot thought (while I don't want to place patriotism on our new president alone) I do feel like it's important to celebrate the things that TRULY have the ability to make the US a beautiful country. As someone who comes from a family of immigrants, has siblings that still aren't US citizens, and was raised multicultural - it's difficult for me to support this countries independence when it doesn't feel truly free to many right now.

Instead, I'd like to mention a few things that you can DO if you feel the same:

  • Donate to Border Angels - A Non-Profit Organization That Advocates for Human Rights & Humane Immigration
  • Volunteer - Check Out This List to See If There are Any Agencies You Can Volunteer To
  • Share - This List of Non-Profits That Help Immigrants, Spreading the Word and Not Staying Quiet is Vital

If you know any specific locations you can volunteer or donate please share them with me and I'd be happy to share as well.

In addition, stay close to your family members and make sure they are taking care of themselves. If you have family members that struggle with substance and alcohol addition, recommend them to the Colorado drug rehab here.