5 things you didn’t know about Los Angeles based artist, BumbleBeeLovesYou.


Next time you visit LA (or if you live there already), keep your eyes open for the incredibly colorful and whimsical paintings by BumbleeBeeLovesYou. His work often features children ✌️, bees 🐝 (for obvious reasons), flowers 🌸, and planes ✈️. He’s all over LA, and I’d be willing to bet on his work being all over the states pretty soon.


We’ve gotten to this point where there are so many interviews on the web that it’s tough to break through to the interesting personal bits — with my podcast I hope to add value through knowledge they’ve learned in their profession, but also, to break into some personal details you probably wouldn’t know otherwise.

I’ve known David (🐝) for a few years now and have seen his work progress an insane amount in that time, I chatted with him for my new podcast 🎙, Notably Wild and we dug into some pretty interesting facts about him. Here’s a quick overview.

1. He hates bugs (especially bees) 🐝.

Ironic right? Actually it’s even more than disliking them, turns out he’s super terrified of being stung by one as well. In our discussion he tells us a story about how he was stung by one and thought he’d be allergic… Turns out, he’s not(could make for a good story though, right?).

We didn’t cover why his name is BumbleLovesYou in the podcast though! Feel free to follow him on Instagram and ask him there 😆🐝.

2. Sadly he’s allergic to dogs 🐕, but if he had one it’s name would be T-Rex.

Speaking of, shouldn’t there be dinosaur emojis?

Anyways.. David loves dogs but is sadly allergic. The good news is, we figured out that what he really wants to own is a dinosaur and he’s actually created some pretty big one’s out of wood. Might possibly see some dinosaur art work coming soon? Maybe?


3. He met his girlfriend on Tinder 💑.

I always enjoy chatting with my friends that are pretty active on social media and learning about how they navigate dating in these digital times. It’s pretty freakin fascinating to learn about how different people meet.

I have friends that have gotten married from meeting on Instagram, Facebook, Match, etc. It’s not unusual anymore, in fact, it’s more than custom. My questions for him were related to whether she had seen his work before they started dating, and if she knew about his work before they actually met.

But he tells everyone still in the dating realm to have faith, “trust me, if you find the right person, it’s like heaven every day”.

4. His artist name (BumblebeeLovesYou) is trademarked.



And if you’re a creative, you should do the same. We brushed over this topic a little, but he does warn other artists that they should get both their name registered, and their business as well.

This is a fantastic reminder about the legalities of creating work that artists don’t talk about enough.

You own your work. Protect it. If someone ends up stealing your work, it’ll be so much easier to take care of it legally if it’s trademarked. Remember, you own your work regardless so it’s not a lost cause if you didn’t, but it makes it so much simpler if you’re trademarked.

Want to learn more about it? Here’s some info on trademarking and copyrighting (and the difference), and here’s more on registering your business as an artist.

5. If he could paint on one object, it’d be a plane ✈️.

Any readers that work for airlines? Jet Blue, Alaska Airlines, Delta… You get my drift. He loves the idea of painting on an object that goes from country to country. If it happens, you saw it here first. 🙌

You can follow David on Instagram here. 🐝

Want to learn more about David? Listen in on our chat on the podcast, Notably Wild.