Playa Del Rey Love

A little space

Forever broken

Soft wind in salty hair

A cute smile

Once shared


We all become

Fragments of each other


Stay strong beautiful souls

Life is strong as a wave at break

Stay strong and wild

Lost is not an issue

I feel love for this day, love for this moment. The silence of the crashing waves while sitting on the sand, the bold colors we found against the walls in Playa Del Rey. There's a love felt in this location, one I'm afraid I might never feel again. Love changes, life changes. Our souls our beautiful. Stay true to yourself.

My beautiful dress is CUSTOM made and CUSTOM sized by eShakti - I can't even tell you how excited I was that I was able to choose the length, the sleeve type, the collar type, etc. So much fun and so wonderful to have the ability to choose the perfect fit for your body.

My clutch is artisan made from Ya.No.Ma.Mi.

Photos by CJ Johnson.