Swimsuits for All and Body Confidence

Body Confidence & How I've Built Mine Up

About two months ago, if you have told me I'd be posting pictures in my bikini I would laugh and tell you that's ridiculous - a month later I was okay with it, but still scared of what peoples reactions would be. Now? I've realised that I don't need to consider what anyone thinks other than myself - that my confidence comes from within and not from another persons aceptance.

Women - we are beautiful. Everything about YOU is beautiful. We all have moments, we all feel down, at times - we need reminders from others. But WE need to set up those reminders for ourselves as well.

Here's how I've been helping myself feel more confident - I hope it helps you too! Please let me know if there are other ways you've been confronting this!

  • Allowing myself to feel free in front of the camera (sure, some girls may pose and suck it in, but the most important thing to me is that I look HAPPY)
  • Letting go of the fear of judgment (if there's a hater - f em.)
  • Understanding that there will always be people that are negative
  • BUT - not allowing those people to spend more time with me
  • Not allowing anyone to suppress my creative output - if I want to post something in a bikini no one should try to stop me. 
  • Realising that a SMILE is the most important beauty accessory (no, I'm not a supermodel - what's with all the serious faces?)
  • Collaborating with brands that support ALL women (this one might not relate to you - but when it comes to buying and spporting brands it absolutely does - stop shopping at places that you wish you could shop at but just don't support unique sizes)
  • Knowing that my own support of my confidence is enough.
  • Giving up on the obsessiveness when it comes to fitness and food - be healthy, take care of yourself, be happy... confidence will follow.
  • When someone says something, it doesn't need to affect me (for example, a parent telling you you need to watch what you're eat or that you look overly thin, a friend telling you there jeolous of your chest size, etc. These little things do not make you YOU.)

Swimsuits for All supports women of all sizes and I was so proud to work with them and support their mission. We all need to back each other up - regardless of our size or what makes us HAPPY. Support each other's happiness instead of our looks, compliment our SMILES instead of our bodies, give EACH OTHER positive feedback because we're wonderful. 

Sending you all lots of love and confidence boosters.