GemTye: The Bracelet for Your Hair

Recently I found about GemTyes - these cute bracelets that double as hair ties. Since getting them I've loved wearing multiple cute ones as bracelets - and then when I really need it I have back up hair bands on my wrists without it looking ugly. As someone who's on the go, it's been really convenient. Usually, I don't like wearing hair bands on my wrist and I'll put them in my purse, but when I need one it usually takes me scouring through it to find one!

Here are some of my favorites:

***Note: for all of you beautiful big haired ladies - at first the ties are a little tight, with mine I could do one loop around until I wore it a few times - now I can do two loops, but there's lots of different ways to style them. I've worn them with braids, half up, etc.