AI in the workspace - the future of office culture.

When I discuss marketing and branding with clients, the top question I get asked is what the future holds and whether or not the company is future proof enough. And when we say future, it often really means in the next couple of years..

While we have (as a society) clearly sped through the digitalization of most companies, we are also innovating so rapidly that it’s pretty tough for everyone to keep up.

Here are a few examples of the future of digital companies within the workspace with changes we’re seeing NOW ⚡️

More Surveillance

Privacy is one of the largest issues we are facing this decade. With social companies like FB and Twitter being criticized and put on blast for not utilizing strong protections against user data, to national issues like police brutality in the US leading to more video surveillance of police officers, security is of the highest concern when it comes to the future of technology.

In the next few years it will be the norm for work places to have heavy surveillance in the workplace. Often AI will be utilized to help with productivity and management (think keep the office clean) while it clearly has a constant surveillance feel to it.

“Little attention is given to how AI will influence the office as an environment. ‘Lawless’ believes that the AI-enabled office of the future is one where the walls – and every other thing employees interact with – will have eyes.” More in this article on How AI Will Change The Future Workplace”.


AI for Productivity

Instead of fighting machine learning and AI, we should be learning about how it can be benefit us. Discussing tools to aid in productivity, take away repetitive tasks, and help us do our best work.

We already see this trend happening with Chatbots and emails, and most of our lives are already aided by AI (uber, social media, banking, etc.). It’s everywhere and each company is now in a raise to create the strong AI that is the most beneficial to us.

Our workspaces will be transformed with AI in every system, even in systems we might not even think about (maybe blogging, photography, fashion, etc).

It’s interesting that today technology can be a distraction as much as a productivity booster, read more on this via Forbes.

Recruiting + Hiring

The way companies hire has changed. Aside from the worry many have about AI taking over jobs, the way we go looking for jobs and are hired is dramatically changing as well. Recruiting technology will change the future for professionals both working in recruitment and seeking new opportunities.

“The recruiting process can have a significant effect on a company’s future, but the journey from application to hire can be as time-consuming as it is costly. AI has recently emerged as a major tool that can both cut costs and save recruiters time through automation. AI is streamlining the entire hiring process, bringing the most qualified candidates to the right jobs faster and cheaper than ever before.” Read more from this article on 6 Ways AI Is Already Changing The Hiring Process.


How do you stay in touch with future trends on the daily?

Here’s a few reading sources I’d recommend: The Future Laboratory, Futurism, WGSN, Trend Watching,

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