Top Body Positive Models To Follow On Instagram



I won't judge you if you slide right past my rant on confidence, but please, keep reading if you want to know WHY I was inspired to share more about who I follow and why. ❤️

We're all guilty of looking through pictures of accounts that we WISH we could be. But the honest truth is that before comparing ourself to ANYONE else, we need to be happy with who we are.

I went through one of the most devastating years of my life last year (if not, most likely the worse). I had a horrible breakup, I left the city I had made my home, I pivoted my career, and I lost friends and family I had half expected to have for the rest of my life.

This clearly came with a lot of learning lessons. And to be totally frank, I'm the happiest I've ever been now. I feel fucking fantastic. But I learned a lot.

  • You (and no one else for that matter) should ever play the comparison game.
  • You are insane and talented and intelligent and beautiful and compelling in your own way.
  • You are capable of everything that anyone else in this world is.
  • You decide if you are happy. You decide if you are miserable. You decide if you stay or leave.

I realized that for the last few years of my life I had had a very distorted view of myself physically. I was actually thinner the previous few years but I saw myself as larger than what I was. Now, being a little curvier than then, I'm actually happier and more confident than I have ever been before. I had to learn that the distorted way others viewed me is not the way I needed to view myself.

Clearly, one major issue that many women (and men to be fair) deal with is so many perfect examples of lives and bodies plastered across social media. While we need to learn to love ALL of each other (including these "perfect" figures - because believe me when I say a lot of them wish they were curvier), we also need to learn to surround ourselves with positive role models that show us the diversity in beauty. 

I wanted to share with you a few of the incredible body positive models I follow on Instagram that help me feel more confident about myself, and allow me to see a diverse range of bodies on my Instagram feed.

Go ahead and give them a follow :) oh and, please feel free to comment additional ladies you think I should add to the list. 

Krychele Valenzuela

Leah Vernon


Stephanie Viada