Cross country US road trip in 4 days - where to go and how to plan for it.


LA to Boston in 4 Days

Last month I had a lot of things going on emotionally - a huge change in my relationship status (more on this soon), lots of creative motivations but a lack of output, business changes, etc. To get down to the gritty of it, I needed some time off and away. 

So, in typical Ambar fashion (spontaneous and optimistic) - I decided to drive across country. I took a roadtrip from LA to Boston, with incredible stops along the way. Here's what my timeline and itinerary looked like (in case you want to plan ahead of time or also need a quick respite):

Vegas at The Palazzio

Vegas at The Palazzio

Just outside of Vegas, we saw this empty road and pulled off the highway!

Just outside of Vegas, we saw this empty road and pulled off the highway!

Day 1: Prepare

  • Decide to drive across country

  • Pack bags

  • Get car ready to go

Day 2: LA to Vegas

  • I drive from LA to Vegas

  • Brother flys out to Vegas to join me

  • We hang out in Vegas that night (my brother's 21st birthday was the next week - can you believe it? So we did age appropriate sight seeing)

  • Stayed in an Airbnb

Day 3: Vegas to Colorado 

  • Drove through Utah

  • Lots and lots of stops for hiking along the highway

  • Stopped in the National Arches Monument (SO AMAZING)

  • Stopped at a diner in Moab

  • Arrived at Airbnb in Colorado

  • *** The stars were amazing driving this night!

Day 4 & 5: Colorado to Vermont (can you believe this?)

  • ***So here's where things got crazy and we took turns sleeping while the other drove (I would rarely recommend this, however, my brother and I are both super adventurous and into a challenge, so it worked well for us)

  • Stopped before the Rockies to hike by a river

  • Drove through the Rockies, got out by the peaks where there was still snow!

  • Stopped in Denver for a pizza

  • Drove straight through the rest of Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Pennsylvania, and New York, arriving at Niagara Falls the next afternoon

  • Spent about an hour walking around Niagara Falls

  • Then back in the car for another 6 hours, arriving at our destination in Vermont around 1am!

So - what are the specifics of this Cross-Country Road trip?

  • $ Spent on Gas: $325

  • $ Spent on Food: about $200

  • $ Spent on Lodging: $70

  • Time Driving: 45 Hours

  • Miles Driven: 3,120 miles

The incredible part about this trip is that while it was fast, we seriously ENJOYED it - it wasn't rushed. Utah was absolutely the highlight, and Niagara Falls was well worth the extra time added on to get there!

Plus, it was so nice to take a trip just with my brother and to have some bonding time and connect with our adventurous spirits. I have to do a better job of going on trips with my siblings and absolutely recommend that you do as well!

Have you done a cross country trip? Let me know about your experiences!