London: an overview of my trip with fun landmarks and stories.


My first time in London was this month and I fell in love with this city just like everyone told me I would. I met so many incredible people, got a chance to catch up with a couple clients (I try to make it in person as much as possible even if it’s not a requirement), and caught the last few days before it started getting chilly in the UK.

My trip started off with a beautiful view of the city and a clear landing. 🛬 Also shout out to Delta, I honestly can say this was the most comfortable flight I have ever taken.

Because London was a shorter trip and I flew in on a weekday, I had to work the first couple of days that I was there and didn’t get to do too much exploring outside of the long walks I like to take to cafes.

But check out this super cute cafe I found inside a church! 😍This is right by St Pauls Cathedral and a great space to spend a couple hours working. It’s called Host Cafe. 👇


I walked across the Millennium Bridge to this gorgeous view of St Pauls Cathedral.

I honestly was so in awe of the architecture while walking around this city - I truly fell in love. ❤️

I’m one of those people that loves walking, and my average amount per day was around 8 miles throughout my week in London.


This is Leadenhall Market where they filmed the outdoor parts of Diagon Alley for Harry Potter. What can I say, I’m a 90’s kid. ❤️


While the buildings were incredible, I was super charmed with the Shoreditch area because of all of the murals and art. Plus the bars and restaurants make it pretty tough to hate. I feel like most of my friends would roll their eyes if I told them this was my favorite (because knowing me it seems so obvious)..



On the third night in town I met two separate groups: one of a few guys from Australia and the other of a few Americans. In the mix of drinking beer (in classy paper brown bags of course) I also found out a good friend of mine from Los Angeles was in town. We ended up taking lots of fun touristy photos and then heading to Soho for Freedom Bar to meet up with my friends.

I’d be lying if I said I remembered everything about this night so it’s safe to say it was nuts in classic London style.

But being me (and my love for dancing and meeting new people) we had a blast.


I’m not a huge fan of British food so I indulged in lots of Indian food during my time in London. I also met someone who had never had Indian food before! So obviously that was what we needed to do first…

Plus - as I’m traveling full time at the moment I’ve been trying to be better about eating out less and cooking more (for both health and financial reasons) so I really pushed myself to barely eat out this trip.


Originally I did not plan to go to the London Eye (because as a true Aquarius it just sounded like the normal thing to do). But my friend Nick convinced me to go and honestly I was so happy I did, it was well worth the $35. The view is gorgeous and you spend a good amount of time in it.



Then we did some more touristy things like visit Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Trafalgar Sq, Westminster Abbey, and St James park.



On my way out of London I was distracted (maybe because of how pretty the station was?) and I took the wrong train… Anyways, next I missed my flight (because yes, that train was an hour and a half without stops) so by the time I finally made it to the airport I did not make it to my flight.

I spent nearly 15 hours waiting for the next flights because I was so scared to go to a hotel and sleep (can you imagine if I slept over my alarm and missed the next flight)?

Craziness aside, I had such a wonderful time in this city. I’m already thinking about another trip to London. ❤️

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