LA: best west side coffee shops for working in.

I lived in LA for nearly five years (and might be back soon). Most of that time working remotely. It’s fair to say I have a good number of coffee shops down for working in, even in different neighborhoods. 👏

Here’s my list for top coffee shops in each west side neighborhood to work in. Meaning, they’ve got all the necessities: good coffee, dependable wifi, and outlets!


I did more on the West Side of LA because these are the cafes I know really well 😂if I didn’t include one it means I don’t have a spot I like or I haven’t worked there - there’s are purely recommendations based on my experiences, no BS ✊

Starting it off right with my home: Culver City

Shakshuka at Akasha

Shakshuka at Akasha


Vibes: cute space with nice people. Plenty of tables but sometimes they get full around breakfast and dinner. You’ll usually be able to find counter space if they are though.

Outlets: ✔️Wifi: ✔️Food: one of my favorite cafes if you’ll be eating too. 😁

New School of Cooking

Vibes: I lived down the street from this place so it has a place in my heart. When I go in two years after moving and the baristas still know me it just gets to me. So might be biased here but I love it. It’s casual and homey - not hip cafe style.

Outlets: ✔️Wifi: ✔️Food: 💯

Mar Vista 🌞

Coffee Connection

Vibes: this place is FULL of digital nomads and remote workers! Also love it because it has indoor and outdoor areas that are great for working.

Outlets: ✔️Wifi: ✔️Food: pasty options, not my first choice for food.

Venice 🌊

Deus Cafe

Vibes: full of Venice hipsters. This place is super cute but might not be as easy to work in for a long time as it gets really busy.

Outlets: not lots of options, go charged up. Wifi: ✔️Food: ✔️


Vibes: This is inside the Toms store but it’s super cute with good vibes. It does get super packed though!

Outlets: not tons Wifi: ✔️Food: honestly never looked, maybe pastries? If even. But there’s lots of good food nearby.


Vibes: a little more restauranty so you won’t want to spend all day here. But if you want some good food and venice vibes while working for an hour or two this is a great spot.

Outlets: not tons (I think there’s a couple but never noticed) Wifi: ✔️Food: 💯

Playa Del Rey 🌴

Playa Provisions

Vibes: this cafe turns into more of a restaurant towards the night. But it’s right by the beach and super cute.

Outlets: not a lot but a few options Wifi: ✔️Food: 💯

Santa Monica ⚡️


Vibes: my favorite coffee shop in Santa Monica recently closed so this chain is the best option (until I find a new one). It does get insanely packed with tech professionals though so claim your spot!

Outlets: a few Wifi: ✔️Food: bakery is great!

Westwood / Hollywood🌳

Coffee for Sasquatch

Coffee for Sasquatch

Coffee Commissary

Vibes: love this chain (the one in Mar Vista/Culver City? is great too!), nice people, good vibes! Plus they’ve got outside space too.

Outlets: a few Wifi: ✔️Food: bakery food is good.

Coffee for Sasquatch

Vibes: cute spot if you want somewhere on Melrose! Perfect for working and rarely gets too busy.

Outlets: ✔️ Wifi: ✔️Food: bakery snacks.

Palihouse West Hollywood

Vibes: in the Palihouse hotel but is super cute and great for meetings. Shoutout to the one on Melrose too!

Outlets: ✔️ Wifi: ✔️Food: 💯

Can’t wait to be back in my city! Got any favorite LA coffee shops? Add them below ☕️❤️