Mexico: a few days in Isla Holbox.


Literally perfection, Isla Holbox is my favorite beach destination in Mexico right now. It’s the cutest little Island that isn’t too touristy yet (like Isla Mujeres 😔), there’s no cars, and the beaches are incredible! Also there’s super yummy food and a cute night life scene filled with live music and (a) salsa bar. 💃

My friends and I went for three days and found it to be the perfect amount of time - we also didn’t pay for any tours or attractions, we had the best time just exploring the little town and centro and spending the days on the beach. 🏖

We stayed at Ira y Vuelta Hostel - if you want somewhere affordable this place had cute dorms AND cute private cabanas! Ate lots of the local street food, as well as visited a good amount of bars (I’m not even going to recommend any as they’re all on the same street - do a bar crawl!). 🌮🌽🥞


The internet sucks. Yeah, I said it. And maybbeeee it’s gotten better so call wherever you want to stay - but I couldn’t find a single decent place to work and ended up taking the three days off.

If you want all the basics on getting to Isla Holbox and when to go, check out this awesome blog post from Sunset Travelers.


Here’s some highlights from our trip (pretty much, spend the day on the beach and enjoy the sunsets.) 😂❤️


If you’ve made it out to Isla Holbox let me know! ❤️