Adventure in Mexico: hiking the volcano Nevado de Toluca.

One of the most incredible views I’ve had all year. The Nevado de Toluca is a volcano about 2 hours away from Mexico City - it makes for a great day trip if you’re in town! It’s also the 4th highest peak in Mexico.

Some quick tips from our experience:

⚡️Be aware of the altitude and take it easy. If you feel like you’re going slower than normal, you are, and that’s okay.

🧥Dress warm it’s super chilly, even in the summer bring warmers clothes.

🥪Bring food and snacks to power you when you get to the top.

⛰Carry more water than a standard hike, because of the altitude you might want more than you’re used to.

Want to know how to get there? I found a great blog with a clear outline.

🌞Here’s an overview of our trip.


We started off by going up towards the ridge, it took us about an hour to get towards the top - including doing a bit of hands on rock climbing (nothing too intense but definitely wear good shoes). We brought gloves and it helped a lot!

You can see how warmly we’re dressed - this is in April!


Here on the right you can see how the path get’s a bit steep!


The views from the top! ⛰

Seriously mind blowing - and this is on a cloudy and foggy day, imagine when it’s clear!


Seriously in my happy place here. I could not recommend it more. ❤️


Instead of hiking back or around, we went down the side towards the lake for a huge shortcut (it only took about 30 minutes to get down).

It’s fine to do this if you have good boots - the amount of sand you’d get in sneakers or anything with a lower cut would most likely not be comfortable.

It’s also a bit steep and you have to keep your balance.

Shoutout to my uncle that lives just a couple of hours away from here and brought my sister and I!

He even knew the best place to stop and get some quesadillas on the way back. ❤️


Any questions or suggestions for great hikes in Mexico? Let’s hear ‘em!