Montreal: best food, bars, and nomad recommendations.

After spending a few weeks in Montreal last year it quickly became one of my favorite cities. I knew I had to go back this year for longer! So for the past month I was enjoying Montreal. It's so much fun, the people are super nice and welcoming, it has awesome nightlife, and is one of the best foodie cities around.

Here's WHY you need to visit Montreal (why as in, pretty much my favorite food, working spaces, and tips for being a nomad in this city).


When to Visit

June ☀️- October 🍁

How long to stay

At least 3-4 days! But you could spend a month here and still be happy.

For Nomads: 

Lot's of co-working spaces, workable cafes, and a good community of location independent professionals and nomads. 


For US citizens this is a great destination right now because the Canadian dollar is a bit low. 

Transportation + Getting around: 

I highly recommend the metro - super easy to get around. Uber is okay too but it's a little pricier because of legal issues and taxi battles. 

Where to Stay

I'd recommend an Airbnb because they're really affordable here. I'd stick to these areas: St. Henri, Mile End, Little Italy, Downtown, Le Plateau-Mont-Royal, the Gay village. The Old Port is beautiful as well - but it's a little too touristy for me. I prefer staying in the more local areas. 

 The food is amazing 👏

Seriously, this city is not joking around when it comes to food. From poutine, to the best Haitian food of my life, and possibly the best Indian food as well. You've got everything from gourmet taco spots to hole in the wall Tiki Bars that serve Chinese food. There's secret finds, top of the notch luxury, and even food trucks worth pining over. It's legit my top city for food right now. If you're a foodie, the scene in Montreal should be enough to get you here. 


Date Night / friends hangout 🍝

Agrikol in the Gay Village (best Haitian food I’ve ever had)

Satay Brothers (delicious and super affordable)


Atwater Cocktail Club in Saint-Henri (more lux speak-easy)

Tiki Bar (casual + cute speak-easy)


Le Passe Compose (worth the wait!)

must do Montreal food 🍟

St. Viateuer Bagel

Santropol Cafe in the Mile End (get a cream cheese sandwich)

La Banguise in Mile End (for poutine)


Where to work 💻

Cool Cafes with nomad necessities (wifi, plugs, space)

Darling Cafe in the Mile End (cute cafe and bar)

Barley in St. Henri (cafe)

Lili + Oli in St. Henri (cafe - a little smaller)

Anticafe in Old Port (Coworking/cafe pay per hour max being $10 w/ coffee included)

Crew Cafe in Downtown (gorgeous space, go early as it fills up)


Enjoy! Montreal is a beautiful city full of history, culture, incredible food, and super chill people. ❤️

Got any direct questions about visiting Montreal or recommendations? Feel free to shoot me a message or comment below!