New England: is Mount Washington worth it?

I lived in Vermont (just a few hours away from here) for a lot of my childhood and never made it over to Mount Washington. When I went for the first time last month I realized why - the ticket to pay to drive to the top is over $50… 😑My parents were way to cheap for that. 😂

I don’t know about you, but to me that felt a bit steep just to drive up a mountain. So, I figured I’d give you all an outline to consider whether or not it’s worth it!

Here’s the rates. They charge $31 per car and then $9 per passenger.

⛰Here’s WHY it is (or would be) worth your money:

  • You’ve got kids. 👩‍👦‍👦

  • Or older people, or anyone that doesn’t like hiking or isn’t physically fit to. 👵

  • You’re committing to spending time on the mountain. ⏰

  • You’re going to get out and hike or at least go for walks at the stops. 🌳

  • You’re bringing a romantic picnic (or family picnic). 🍉

  • You’ve got a full car (LOL just makes way more sense than if it’s just you.) 🚘

  • You want gorgeous pictures for engagement, baby news, etc. 🤰

😂Here’s WHY it wouldn’t be worth your money:

  • You’re literally just going to stop at a couple places and take pictures and move on. 📷

  • You love hiking and have the day to do this instead (then do it because the paths are incredible). 👏

  • You’re not blown away by mountains (crazy but I do know people like this.. save your money and help out with traffic for the rest of us LOL). 😁

We were unsure about doing it, but seeing my niece take in the view, it was so worth it… Plus, my sisters pregnant so we got some gorgeous pics of her and her hubby. These truly are the most beautiful mountains I’ve seen on the east coast. Only place that gets even close to battling it is Shenandoah in Virginia. ❤️


Happy to hear your thoughts if you’ve made it up Mount Washington? Plus how funny is it they give you that bumper sticker for free. We realized you paid so much… no wonder so many people actually put it on their cars!