The packing list for female nomads that need both business clothes and everyday clothes.

Denim jackets are my favorite.

Denim jackets are my favorite.

A lot of nomads move around with just a backpack and a few sets of clothing. I travel for business AND for fun. So this just isn’t a possibility for me.

Usually, I do manage to travel with just a carry on, but sometimes I need to check a bag to fit everything I need, and that’s okay! Not sure why some nomads feel like it’s okay to guilt trip you for having extra stuff, but it’s definitely something I’ve heard a lot. 🤷‍♀️

And to be fair, it is super obnoxious carrying luggage around. But for those of us that go to events, network, meetings, etc. while on the go, it’s a bit of a necessity.

I love kimonos and wraps because they’re so versatile. I usually have a couple with me.

I love kimonos and wraps because they’re so versatile. I usually have a couple with me.

Here’s some quick tips for packing! 👜

  • Every single piece of clothing you pack should be multi-use, as a rule.

Got a cute kimono that doubles as a dress? Perfect.

That skirt is cute but it works with pretty much all your shirts right?

That dress is good in cold and hot weather?

  • It’s comfortable!

Just because it’s professional and we need it does NOT mean we have space for uncomfortable clothing. Those flats you love that aren’t the comfiest? Now is when you ditch them.

  • Lots of underwear.

When in DC it’s straight business.

When in DC it’s straight business.

Okay this isn’t just for business - in general, I travel with nearly two weeks worth of underwear. That way, laundry is rarely an issue! Sure, you can wash them at home, but honestly, it’s so much better when you don’t even need to worry about them.

Got it?

Let’s jump into what I bring with me! 👜

I’m NOT going to separate it by business/fun because the point is you should be able to make everything versatile!


4-5: this is my favorite way to take up small amounts of space.


4 shirts + 2-3 tank topics (these are the BEST).

🧥Sweaters / Jackets / etc

2 jackets (one rain, one clear weather), 1 businessy jacket, 1-2 cover ups (wraps, kimonos, etc.), 2 sweaters.

I probably overdue it in this department but they help change up outfits.


1 pair jeans, 4 pairs leggings, 4 skirts (probably overdoing it but I love their versatility), 2 pairs shorts.

Pretty much my favorite outfit for day time to night casual.

Pretty much my favorite outfit for day time to night casual.


2 bikinis and 1 one-piece. Plus I have a sarong and a cover-up that doubles as pjs.


10+ underwear, 3 bras, 2 sports bras, 1 pair tights (great for making dresses/skirts for cold weather), 7 socks.


1 large purse (fits laptop), 1 clutch/side body, 1 backpack


Okay here’s where I sometimes WAY overdo it.

1 pair sandal heels, 1 pair booties, 2 pairs sandals, 1 flipflops, 1 sneakers, 1 pair mules (good for business and casual).

When it comes to having different outfits, accessories are KEY 💎


Lots of necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings! I pack both small ones, and statement pieces.

I also bring a few statement belts for adding flair to outfits!

Have you got any savior items when it comes to packing for both business and every day? It’s taken me about a year to feel like I’m confident in my packing skills - it’s okay if you don’t get it down right away! ❤️