Nomad lifestyle: how often do I see my family?

Visiting my sister and niece near Boston.

Visiting my sister and niece near Boston.

One of the main questions I get asked being a nomad is how often I get to see my family. Now - here’s the thing, it’s however often I want. 🙃

Before you get annoyed with my snippiness, just hear me out.

I talk to a lot of nomads that are lonely and trying to find themselves in the world by traveling. 🌎Experiencing new cultures is VITAL to intellectual growth and empathy. I love it, I truly do. However, I prioritize mental health first: for myself and my family, always. 🤷‍♀️

My sister and I travelled in Costa Rica for 5 weeks together.

My sister and I travelled in Costa Rica for 5 weeks together.

As someone that’s super extroverted I understand how I might not be the best person to talk about having a tough time meeting people or struggling with loneliness while on the road - I get that I am comfortable putting myself out there and not everyone is. But this doesn’t mean that I don’t have moments where I know that I need the people that truly get me.

I tend to work proactively when I can instead of scrambling to find solutions after the fact.

Part of the way I battle this is by seeing friends and family so often. I’m not a nomad that simply surrounds myself with other nomads, in fact, I’d say they’re a very small percentage of my community.

My family - even with my travels and work, are always going to come first. ❤️

My brother, sister, and niece and I in NYC.

My brother, sister, and niece and I in NYC.

I have actually changed the continent I will be on so that I can see them more. I’m not saying everyone should change their plans based on this, you should always do what’s best for you, but I know that my siblings are my world, so I do make changes.

😍 Let’s get down to it. This is how I get to see my family so often:

My sister and I at Osheaga Music Festival.

My sister and I at Osheaga Music Festival.

  • I prioritize seeing them during big days (for example - my nieces birthday, family vacations, etc.).

  • I’ll make stops when it makes sense. If I’m flying from Europe to Mexico - I can stop in Boston to see my sister.

  • They travel to see me (and no, we don’t have a lot of money). Recently I stopped in Philadelphia for a few days, my brother’s a couple hours away at Lehigh so he drove to Philly to hang out with me for the day.

  • We DON’T prioritize holidays. It’s super expensive and adds additional costs for all of us - while we’d love to see each other, we realize that it makes more sense to save the money and see each other during the year.

  • We see each other separately… I have three sisters and a brother, by planning meetings apart, it makes it a lot easier to work with our scheduling than if we were to try to all meet together.

  • We plan mutual interests. For example - my sister loves music festivals, so we planned that I’d go to Montreal (where I wanted to go anyways) when Osheaga was happening so that we could go together.

❤️By following these tips I’d say I see at least one of my siblings every other month. Again - this isn’t the way you need to do it - I just like to have consistent meeting with them to stay calm and happy.

Are you a digital nomad? How often do you see your family?

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