Wear Lively: for badass women.

New "Leisurée" for Active & Badass Women

I'm all about brands that support boss babes, bad ass women, and comfort while still being cute and sexy. I'm busy, you're busy, we're all busy. Why would I still wear bras and undies that are uncomfortable? I have enough going on in my day, the last thing I should have to deal with is my bra bugging me the entire time. 

Personally, I love bras like the one I'm wearing for t-shirts and deep cut shirts, they look more natural and because they lack padding, it's a little easier to go about the day normally.

I partnered with Wear Lively to continue to spread the word - they are a brand that is created for women that are active and busy (huge bonus - they make bras in all different sizes - I've had enough of those brands that stay catered to a one sized woman, we're all unique, different, and beautiful.) With Wear Lively - you can own it and feel beautiful. 

If you're a busy boss babe (okay, you know you are...), use my discount code


for 10% off your purchase from Wear Lively - and own it like you deserve to.