Notably Wild

Conversations w/ creatives and entrepreneurs that have broken society's rules and stepped outside the norm. Hosted by Ambar Januel w/ co-host Danielle Smith.

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Ambar Januel

Creator + Host of Notably Wild

I live unconventionally. I also happen to have been raised unconventionally. I've realized in the last couple of years that this has both helped me immensely, and also, in certain ways, stunted me. I understand how to start new, how to take chances, how to know what you're strengths are. What I wasn't taught, is how to stay consistent and play by a societies rules.

I created Notably Wild for the outliers. For societies outcasts. For rule breakers. For entrepreneurs that started their business at eighteen. For creatives that dropped out of college. For social rights leaders that said f it to corporate jobs to help the people that matter most to them. 

We don't need to play by the rules we were raised by. We can live by our own rules and create new societies and cultures that take advantage of our strengths and take the power back for the people.

We, are Notably Wild. 



Danielle Smith



Danielle Smith is a producer for Bloomberg Television, providing live updates on the most important global financial news. Danielle began her career with Bloomberg in September 2017. She previously reported for Bloomberg News’ equities team, with prolific coverage of market events and analyst recommendations for investors.

Prior to joining Bloomberg, Danielle worked in various media roles in Austin, Texas including Spero Labs a leading production studio serving the thriving central Texas startup community. She is also the co-host of Notably Wild, a podcast featuring conversations with creatives and entrepreneurs that have broken society's rules & rebelled against the norm in their own unique way.

Danielle graduated with honors from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in journalism and two minors in Business and Spanish. When not working she enjoys biking around the city, writing spoken word poetry, walking through Washington Square Park and traveling to visit friends while always making new ones.


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