Artist • Activist• Entrepreneur 

Creative strategist on a mission to connect art, education, events, and bold statements.


meet Ambar

Ambar Januel is a creative strategist, designer, and a vocal activist for education and the arts. Her professional expertise expands from event design, art management, and creative consulting, to being the co-founder of Januel+Johnson, a Creative Agency in Los Angeles specializing in content creation and influencer marketing. Her multicultural background has allowed her to adapt to include work emphasized on bringing art and education opportunities to lower income areas, increasing diversity in the tech sector and motivational speaking for women entrepreneurs. Ambar began her career in art through Interrelated Media at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, with this experience of event management and creating interactive spaces, her focus shifted to bringing these opportunities to children in lower income areas of Boston. Next Ambar used these tools to oversee workshops and offer opportunities to educators to broaden their scope and chase their dreams as creatives. Her career transitioned to fashion where she connected influencers, content creators, and artists to different brands and companies. Now, she focuses on cultivating creative opportunities, increasing access to education, giving artists a larger voice, and helping startups and unique brands with creative strategies and branding. Ambar has spoken at General Assembly, Digital LA, Tech in Motion and has been featured in Forbes, Women in Tech Podcast, Tech in LA Podcast, B2B, and other publications. Her goal is to empower creatives and brands to give back to their communities while doing what they love. 

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My work with creatives, entrepreneurs, and brands includes the following expertise. Please send me a message through my info page if you'd like to discuss working together.


Creative Strategies

With my creative strategies I give an honest review of your branding, design, reception, and the way you are creatively putting yourself out there as a company or brand. We will strategize on how to improve your public reception, gain traction, and have a bolder creative impact. We review the following: branding, design, events, public view, change, social impact, etc. 

Contact me to schedule your first consultation. 

Design & branding

My design services include custom lookbooks, websites, branding, social media content, and illustration. I am available to collaborate with specific brands and creatives upon mutual decision that our brands and styles can work together well. 

Want to see more of my creative work? Check out my Art page. 

Impactful Events

I host unique and impactful events that benefit the arts, education, and unique causes. We can work together on an impactful event that benefits the community, creatives, and has a bold statement. With an expertise in unique event design - the event will be unlike any other with a creative spin and interactive environment. 

Public Speaking / Teaching

As an educator, I make it a focus of mine to continue spreading the word and increase creative impact. Hire me to teach a lecture or host an event. My expertise includes branding, design, meaningful impact, creative strategies, creating interactive spaces, art, creative direction, and more. View my contact page for previous public speaking links.


My Mission: To Empower Creatives & Brands to Give Back While Doing What they Love