Meet Ambar Januel


My name’s Ambar. Yes, with an “a”. My beautiful mama named me after the Ambar she used to make jewelry from in the lovely city of San Cristobal de las Casas in Southern Mexico. 

I'm proudly Mexican/American. 

As a kid we moved a lot, I was born in Vermont and my family and I would travel to Mexico about every other year. We went all over - from the beautiful city of San Miguel de Allende, to Mexico City, to small indigenous towns in Oaxaca. From huts in Tulum (back before anyone knew where Tulum is) to small cabins in the mountains, to sleeping in the car as we went on long family road trips. My background taught me to adapt, to crave change, and to accept innovation.

I'm currently a digital nomad, but I think this is just the lifestyle I was brought up comfortable with. 


When I was 16 I moved away from home to Boston, I have this driven instinct to work with people and to help others and expected to eventually go to med school. But with true Ambar fashion I ended up enrolling in art school. I attended for two years, but I was already working as an event manager and a fashion merchandizer, I felt that my career had moved further then many of my peers that were graduating with their art degrees. I decided to leave school and move to LA.

LA was incredible for me, the amount I learned and experienced in a few years is astonishing. I feel so lucky for my experiences there and the people I met. When I arrived I started working in tech - the beginning to my merging the art, tech and fashion worlds - the startup world is real in LA and I began to understand it fast. My childhood prepared me to work with change and to be a hands on learner, therefore startups are a natural environment for me.

West Coast Created / East Coast Raised / Heart in Mexico 


After working as a Fashion Editor, and then a Project Manager at two different startups I co-founded a creative agency, J+J. At J+J our expertise was creative content, influencer marketing, and brand awareness. We pretty much kicked ass in LA. My co-founder and I did everything from hosting the Timmy Awards, to being featured in countless podcasts and publications, to working with large companies and over 50 startups. It was awesome in a professional way, but not in a personal fulfillment way.


In May of last year I left LA for a new journey, I left mainly for personal reasons and have been on this incredible path since. My professional focus has been on working with non-profits and organizations that create a social or cultural impact. Pretty much, companies, brands, and people that are doing what I’ve always wanted to do. I work with them on creating creative strategies, increasing brand awareness, consulting for social media, and in general, being a consulting aid for growing and managing a brand. I love what I do and I feel so lucky to be working with so many incredible companies. 

I'm passionate about communities

In addition to my creative strategy and consulting work, I’m proud to say I’m a Next Gen Policy Leader with Google, a Certified Trainer with Squarespace, and a Educator with Honeybook. My focus right now is on women's empowerment, STEM diversity, supporting causes that work with education and wellness, and generally attempting to do good and share authenticity. I’m currently traveling full time and meeting the most beautiful, innovative, and exciting people. I don’t know what life looks like in 5 years, let alone a month. But that’s the beauty in it. 

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I'm currently in Costa Rica and heading to NYC next, see where my travels will bring me

Now, tell me about you!


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